Friday, January 13, 2012


I left my blog for ages. I actually want to update but the laziness stop me to do so.

Well, this is my first post for 2012, isn't it?
Hmm, I am now officially Form 4.
What can I say, Form 4 sucks. So far, yes. Definitely. Without any doubt.
Learning Bio, Chemistry, Physics, Add Maths and etc in Malay is killing me.
Coping myself with the new environment. Tbh, it's not that easy.
People may say 'Ala belajar bahasa apa pun sama je.' Okay maybe that is you.
For me, NOOOO.
I am not that clever. I am not that genius, like you.

Form 4? Tons of homework. Indeed.
I miss my Pmr life so badly..........
I miss my old friends. Old teachers.
Dah ramai school mates yg transfer. Maybe I will. Soon, InsyaAllah.

Obviously everyone changed since the school started. 
Not wasting time, less talking, rarely online, read books when teacher is not around and etc.
While me? Contrary.........
In fact, I want to change. I really do but, susah. Bila dah jadi habit, memang susah nak ubah. Hmph.

Well I gotta go.
Salam Jumaat to everyone.
Stay awesomee :)

 Watching korean drama in Musolla sekolah. After Pmr :'D

Zila, Yaya, Alya and Bella. Zila and Yaya dah transfer last week. I'm gonna miss both of you :')


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