Saturday, December 3, 2011

Forever Harimau Malaya :)

I'm so bored.
TL isn't moving.
Newsfeed isn't interesting.
So I'm gonna post something.

Eh is it sounds like pantun? 
K nevermind.


See this picture? Haa, baca tweet dia tu.
He tweeted this few hours before Harimau Malaya vs Garuda.
Well, kita dah menang. Have you fulfill your promise Mr Tony? Heheh.
Tak sabar nak naik plane tu pergi Indon.
Then pakai jersi Harimau Malaya. Hewhew watlek watpeace (Y)

Dear Mr Tony Fernandes,
We're looking forward to it. 
Sincerely, Harimau Malaya's everywhere :)

This HM picture is taken from Twitter.
Credit to the owner :)


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